Monday, February 23, 2009


INSULATION-The rocket elbow and its surrounds should be made with good insulating material;Good insulation is made of tiny pockets of air separated by lightweight non-conducting material.Soil or clay used in traditional stoves is dense and heavy and does not make for good material for stoves;a lot of the heat is absorbed by the stove itself.Using bricks made from a mixture of clay and saw-dust/ rice-husk / hay from paddy stocks will make a good material for rural areas;mix clay and saw-dust,knead saw-dust into the clay thoroughly,then add water;the bricks from the kiln should float in water.
RURAL AREAS-A fixed model with in the house;this can be done with fire bricks made as described above;the stove can be made with sixteen bricks as shown in the video-

Or with available local material-

URBAN AREAS-A portable stove which can be used indoors or outdoors as shown in the videos here can be made with used tin cans and insulation of facing/surface fire tiles/bricks available in the market.

The Envirofit models in the market can be seen here-