Monday, March 16, 2009



A light in the house for three or four hours in the evening is a bare necessity in every home;across many countries the HURRICANE LANTERN with kerosene as the fuel is the most commonly used lamp;while they are sturdy,locally available and above all within reach of the poor,its disadvantages are-
-kerosene often costs a third of the family income
-risk of a fire accident due to spilling of kerosene
-light is dim and not adequate for children to study
-causes indoor air pollution from smoke and other gases and a leading cause of death;over 500,000 die every year from indoor air pollution[IAP] in India.

solar powered lights with LED[light emitting diodes]bulbs are a good alternative to kerosene lamps;these bulbs last for over 100,000 hours;very efficient in light production;however solar powered LEDs run on rechargeable batteries which are costly and not available in our villages;and most such lights in the market are in the price range of Rs.750 to Rs.3000;far above the means of the poor.
A very low cost alternative is the Led torch/flaslight from ANDSLITE for Rs.75/- including the batteries; it gives adequate light for cooking,reading and is sturdy and portable ;it can be used for three to four hours daily for over hundred days on three AA size batteries;these batteries used in transister radio are readily available in all villages for Rs 7/- each or Rs.21.

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