Monday, March 16, 2009


This picture shows lighting a corridor with the torch sitting upright on the floor.its advantages are-
-100,000+ hours of bulb life.
-Burns 100 times longer than standard Torch light.
-500+hours of pleasant light with one set of three AA size batteries.
-Flat bottom for positioning upright.
-high power focused light.
I have used this light for over six months and found it meets all the above specifications.
More details of this light and other products of this company can be seen at-
A family can buy three torches over a period of time,one for the family head,one for the house-wife,one for the children and meet all their lighting needs in Rs.225.


These pictures show the use of the torch for reading;the torch can be hung from the roof five feet above the book as in the second picture or held in hand as in the others.



A light in the house for three or four hours in the evening is a bare necessity in every home;across many countries the HURRICANE LANTERN with kerosene as the fuel is the most commonly used lamp;while they are sturdy,locally available and above all within reach of the poor,its disadvantages are-
-kerosene often costs a third of the family income
-risk of a fire accident due to spilling of kerosene
-light is dim and not adequate for children to study
-causes indoor air pollution from smoke and other gases and a leading cause of death;over 500,000 die every year from indoor air pollution[IAP] in India.

solar powered lights with LED[light emitting diodes]bulbs are a good alternative to kerosene lamps;these bulbs last for over 100,000 hours;very efficient in light production;however solar powered LEDs run on rechargeable batteries which are costly and not available in our villages;and most such lights in the market are in the price range of Rs.750 to Rs.3000;far above the means of the poor.
A very low cost alternative is the Led torch/flaslight from ANDSLITE for Rs.75/- including the batteries; it gives adequate light for cooking,reading and is sturdy and portable ;it can be used for three to four hours daily for over hundred days on three AA size batteries;these batteries used in transister radio are readily available in all villages for Rs 7/- each or Rs.21.