Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Here you can see the pot water filter;the filter candle is placed in the top pot and the filtered water collects in the bottom pot which has a tap to draw the water.The filter element should be cleaned regularly using a soft brush;it is easy to clean and poses no danger of loosing the nano silver coating.Maintained properly it may serve for two years or more .it can purify water of high bacterial content from well and pond.
Similat filters called Matka filters were used in Gujarat floods by society for environmental protection[SEP] and peoples health and development trust[PHDT].
HWTS is not a substitute to infrastructure development for water supply;it ensures safe water at the household;the vessels used for storage should have narrow mouth; hands should not be dipped in the storage pot.
Benefits of Pot water filter
1.It is a stand-alone facility and empowers the household to safe water at home.
2.Low cost.The filter candle is the only item to be obtained from the market once in two or three years.
3.Long life.
4.Assured elimination of pathogens.
5.simple to maintain.


  1. Hello from a Spain!
    Very interesting information about "matki" and the way of filtering turbid water.
    Here in Spain we have a similar way of cooling water with sweating pitchers. We call them "botijos". They are very popular here. If you write this word in Google and look for images you will see nice pictures of it.
    I know that in India you speak many languages and I would like to know (if possible) other words for "matka" in these other languages. I'm trying to find a relation with these (for me completely unknown) words and the terms used by spanish Gypsies for botijo: "coro" and "tusni".
    Many thanks in advance and good luck!
    Andrés Martinez de Azagra
    I'm also Forester.

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